Case Studies & Portfolio

Aged Care

Challenge / Issues:

Air conditioning in aged care has been a difficult challenge for many businesses. Bringing air conditioning and ventilation compliant for regulations and legislation purposes can be a tricky task when working with Aged Care facilities and more specifically ensuring the safety of the elderly inside.

Efficiency and craftsmanship is extremely important when dealing with vulnerable people and their safety.

Temperature control (comfort conditions), specifically for each room was a challenge of its own. Large buildings, with individual people inside with individual temperatures they prefer.


First and foremost, we listen to our clients and understand the challenges, and the environment that we're in.

Understanding legals and regulations along with the building itself and the surrounding environments is key to delivering an effective air conditioning setup for aged care facilities.

Industrial Warehouse

Challenge / Issues:

We were tasked with the full design and construction of an air-conditioning system that provided localised cooling and extraction areas of high heat sources.

There are many challenges in cooling a warehouse, such as door frequently opening and closing, high ceilings making air distribution difficult, controlling air quality, while also keeping energy costs down.


We designed a system and flow to suit the client's concerns and requirements and the result was that we reduced energy costs, whilst keeping the warehouse cooler. 

With a maintenance plan in place, we are able to ensure things work as efficiently as possible.